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Universal Tile Vent

Universal Tile Vent and Cap — pitched roof ventilation and extraction terminal

Klober's Universal Tile Vent and Cap suits most concrete interlocking roof tiles and can be used to ventilate roof voids or as a terminal for soil and ventilation pipes and mechanical extraction systems.

Profile Line Tile Vent
Klober's neat, cleverly designed in-line Profile-Line® Tile Vents include a range suitable for the most popular concrete interlocking roof tiles.

Slate Vent
Klober's versatile and extensive range of Slate Vents are designed to suit most man-made or natural slate finishes.

Soffit Vents -
Klober Circular Soffit Vent - 75mm Diameter (Hole size is 70mm) - 13mm Depth. Fit before or after installation of soffit boards. Specifically to prohibit entrance of large insects. Use 70mm diameter hole cutter.

Fascia Vents -

Fascia Vents provide unobtrusive continuous eaves ventilation. This easily installed unit provides eaves ventilation over the fascia in new build or re-roofing applications. The 10mm vent is suitable for conventional cold roofs and the 25mm vent is suitable for

warm roofs, flat roofs and for roof pitches below 15º.

Eaves Combs -

Klober's Eaves Filler Comb is a simple and effective way of preventing birds and vermin from entering the batten cavity below profiled concrete interlocking tiles, whilst allowing airflow into the batten cavity.

Cavity Wall Weeps -

Any situation where water must be discharged from an external wall, e.g: Ventilating cavity voids at ground floor slab level, Within cavity tray systems, Over external lintels where a cavity must be ventilated. On external walls – 100mm or more in thickness – built from brick, block or stone.

Rafter Trays -

Rafter Tray — prevents insulation blocking airflow

 Klober's rigid section Rafter Tray allows air into the roof space by preventing insulation material from blocking the ventilation path.

Roll Panel Vents -
Roll panel ventilator with variable rafter centre capability - 6 metre lengths. Conforms to 10mm and 25mm openings for airflow requirements.

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