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Roofing Felt..

Standard Roofing Felt

We stock a very good range of flat roofing felt. We sell Shed Mineral Felt which is standard shed felt. This covers 10m2. Next grade up is Green Mineral Felt which again covers 10m2. Our Thickest grade is 180 Green Mineral which again covers 10m2.


MODI Torch On Roofing Felt

We sell MODITORCH on felt in three different colours. These are Green, Brindle and Charcoal. All rolls are have a thickness of 4.5mm and are 8 metres in length. 

Breathable Felt

We sell Vent 3 Light breathable felt in 1m width and 50m length. It is lightweight, flexible and has excellent tensile strength. It also requires no ventilation. Also has a 3 layer spun-bonded membrane.


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