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Tile Fittings..

Concrete Ridge Tiles

We stock ridge tiles in a half round shape and also a standard modern shape. This are standard lengths of 450mm. We stock a huge range of different colours and finishes.


Bonnet Tiles

Concrete bonnet tiles are suitable for pitches 35-50 degrees. They are available in a huge range of colours. Fully compatible with concrete tiles.

Hip Tile

Available in a range of colours to match the tiles used. Mainly compatible with a roof pitch between 35 - 50 degrees. Also fully compatible with concrete tiles.


Valley Tile -

Our valley tiles are all fully compatible with all concrete tiles. Again suitable for pitches of between 35 and 50 degrees. Available in various different colours.


Dry Verge Fittings

Universal Dry verge are hassle free and very easy to install. Can be used on a roof pitch on up to 55 degrees. Sold in a variety of different colours to match the tile choice.


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