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Lead Accessories..

Lead Slates

Calder Lead Slates are a durable long term solution to sealing pipe penetrations in tile or slate roofs.

Manufactured from Code 4 lead, our standard model has a 450mm x 450mm base with a rear up stand of 150mm.

Lead Replacement

Lead-Free Plus is a budget-friendly, durable self-adhesive flashing. Mage Flex is a high performance BBA certified aluminium flashing with a strong self adhesive. It's suitable alternative for lead. CromaFlex is a premium lead replacement with a close resemblance to lead. It's made with an EPDM and aluminium base that gives it exceptional flexibility and malliability, along with UV and ozone resistance.

Patination Oil

Developed specifically for the Lead Sheet industry, Patination Oil is a white spirit based liquid that helps prevent white carbonate (that can occur on newly fitted Lead) from staining adjacent materials and provides a pleasing finish to new Lead work. Available in 2.5 litres, 1.0 litre, and 0.5 litre cans.  One litre covers approximately ,60 square metres. Recommended by the Lead Sheet Association.

Alloy Slate -

A brand new weathering slate for the 21st century made from a special soft zinc alloy. Offering all the benefits of lead and aluminium but without the disadvantages. Manufactured in the UK by roof fabrications, Fab Slate's special zinc alloy combines excellent strength, durability and overall performance with the flexibility and malleability to suit almost any situation. It offers a cost-effective, lightweight and recyclable solution to roof-penetration weathering.

Lead Clips

Our high tensile ML fixing clips are ‘v’ shaped for easy insertion. Our fixing clips make the job of fixing lead joints into masonry joints significantly quicker and easier. The joint fixes lead in place in seconds.

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