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Insulation Products..

Celotex/Ballytherm Sheets

Versatile and multi-purpose insulation board suitable for floor, wall and roof installations

Ideal for new build or refurbishment projects and meets all current building regulations

Provides excellent thermal performance which is up to 100% more efficient than many mineral fibre products. We sell Celotex sheets in 25mm 50mm 70mm 100mm. The sheet sizes are 8x4 (1200x2400)

Cavity Wall Insualtion - 

URSA Cavity Batt is a semi-rigid glass wool slab treated with a water repellent additive. Manufactured to BS EN 13162 and BBA 09/4624. URSA Cavity Batt is for use in both fully and partially filled masonry cavity walls.

Dimensions – 1200 x 455mm batt

Thickness – 50, 75 and 100mm

Loft Roll Insulation

URSA 10 is a lightweight, un faced, glass wool roll. Manufactured to BS EN 13162.

URSA 10 is used as a loft insulation in cold pitched roofs. It is suitable for both new build and refurbishment.

URSA 10 Diverso is perforated to give either 2 x 570mm width or 3 x 380mm width.

URSA 10 is pre split to give 2 x 570mm width

It is sold in 100mm 150mm 200mm sized rolls.

Alumaflex -

Alumaflex Thermal insulation is specified to control three components of heat transmittance through the building fabric:

Conduction of heat through building fabric, Convection via air movement and Radiant transmission

The thickness is 30mm with a roll length of 10m

Polystyrene Boards

Polystyrene boards are incorporated into new masonry floors, walls and roofs during construction or refurbishment, making the property more thermally efficient

We supply Polystyrene in 8x4 sheets in 25mm, 50mm and 100mm thicknesses.

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