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Concrete Fencing Products..

Concrete Fence Posts

We stock a very good range of concrete posts. Our range consists of 6,8,9 and 10ft slotted both sides. Also we stock end posts, 3 way posts and corner posts in 9ft lengths.


Concrete Gravel Boards

Our gravel board come in the following sizes and textures..

6’ x 6”  smooth faced gravel board (1830mm x 150mm)

6’ x 12” smooth faced gravel board (1830mm x 305mm)

6’ x 12” rock faced gravel board (1830mm x 305mm)

6’ x 12” recessed gravel board (1830mm x 305mm)

4’ x 4” x 4” Concrete godfather (1200mm x 100mm x 100mm)

Coping Stones

We supply a range of coping stones, once weathered, twice weathered in a range of sizes. We also stock pier caps.



All our concrete godfather posts have pre-drilled holes to bolt to timber posts to act as a repair.


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