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Building Blocks..

Top Lite Blocks

Toplite Standard is extremely versatile, and can be used where just one block type is required for use in external and separating walls in houses and apartments, as well as other building types.Toplite Standard working dimensions. Face dimensions are 440mm long x (various widths) x 215mm high.

Solid Concrete Blocks

Suitable for a wide variety of applications

Ideal for high strength load-bearing walls

Good thermal mass

High levels of fire resistance and sound insulation

Hemelite Blocks

Hemelite Standard lightweight blocks are extremely versatile and can be used in standard wall applications above and below ground including beam and block flooring. They provide a strong background making them ideal to receive plaster finishes and are particularly suited for use where a rendered outer leaf is proposed. They also provide a secure base for fixings.

Fibolite Blocks

FIBOLITE is an ultra lightweight load bearing block manufactured from Plasmor's own man-made expanded clay.

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