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Block Paving..

Plaspave Sorrento

If character and individuality are what you are seeking SORRENTO offers them in abundance making them firm favourites for any project. Available in : Carrara Stone, Granite Stone, Peak Stone, Sarsen Stone, Rustic Gold, Brunello, Niddstone and Arissa

Plaspave Monopoli

As a single piece stone-effect cobble sett MONOPOLI is perfectly suited to fast easy laying. Available in : Traditional Brindle, Granite Stone, Rustic Gold


Plaspave Sixty

These Channel Blocks are specifically designed to help clear standing water and drainage in most domestic driveway applications. Conventional concrete block paved areas are impermeable pavements so a surface water drainage system should be installed. Available in : Brindle, Buff, Charcoal, Red and Rustic Gold


Plaspave Modena -

New to the Plaspave Modena range is MODENA 50 now available in 50mm thickness and a choice of five colours. Available in : Charcoal, Granite, Brindle, Penter and Peakstone


High Kerb

High kerbs can be laid bullnose, half batter or flat to create different appearances.

Drivestyle Kerbs

Designed to give maximum flexibility to the High and Rustic Kerb ranges.

Recessed Manhole Cover

Recessed Manhole cover is suitable for block paving inserts, Comes in sizes of 600x450

Pedestrian Drain Cover

Pedestrian  drain covers are suited to any block paving design. Sizes of 600x450

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