Other Vents

We supply other vents such as Soffit vents, Facia vents, eaves combs, rafter trays. 

We can deliver to kidderminster, Worcestershire, West Midlands and Shropshire please call us on 01562 742809 for any more info.

Soffit Vents

Soffit Vents Klober Circular Soffit Vent - 75mm Diame...

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Facia Vents

Facia Vents   Fascia Vents provide unobtrusi...

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Eaves Comb

Eaves Comb/ Bird comb Klober's Eaves Filler Comb ...

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Cavity Wall Weeps

Cavity wall weeps & vents   Multi-functi...

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Rafter Trays

Rafter Tray   Rafter Tray — prevents i...

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Roll Panel Vent

Roll Panel Vent roll panel ventilator with variable r...

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