The Benefits Of Using Clay Roof Tiles

There are various roofing materials available on the market nowadays; however clay roof tiles are becoming a popular choice due to their excellent quality, variation in styles and long life span.

With many benefits to offer, Clay tiles and concrete tiles should be taken into consideration when you are selecting roof tiles for your next project.

Clay has been used as a material for roofing for many thousands of years, due to the durable properties the material holds. Clay artefacts that are discovered in archaeological sites show just how long clay can stand the test of time. By combining the clays natural ability to reflect heat from the sun in the summer, and its ability to insulate by keeping temperatures warm in winter, clay tiles can reduce the amount of energy you need to keep a comfortable temperature in your home.

How well the clay roofing resists the effects of the weather depends on the structure of the roof; a pitched roof and a flat roof will react differently to adverse weather.

If the country you live in tends to have a rainy climate, you need to make sure that the roof deck is sealed properly to prevent moisture and water seeping into the roof.

Durability is a key benefit of clay roof tiles; their fireproof properties and ability to fend off mould, rot and water damage all help clay roof tiles to maintain their durability and life span. There are also clay roof tiles on the market that resistant damage from freezing and thawing.

As with most products there are some disadvantages to using clay roof tiles. If you are replacing an existing roof with clay tiles you must ensure that your current structure will hold the weight of the clay tiles, this can be achieved by adding supplementary supports to the roof before fitting the tiles.

One of the most noted disadvantages of using clay tiles for your roof is the installation; it is advisable to hire a suitably experienced professional, unless you have some experience in roofing.

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